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Building Automation System


Field-Selectable BACNet MS/TP or Metasys N2 Protocol

These thermostat controls are field-selectable for communication with BACnet MS/TP (Building Automation and Control Networks Master Slave/Token Passing) or Metasys N2 systems. BACnet MS/TP is a network protocol that allows multiple devices to communicate across building automation systems using a system of tokens that passes signals from one device to another. Metasys N2 links variable speed drives (VSDs) to form a network, and similar to BACnet MS/TP, it uses a master/slave system between a network control module and a VSD. These thermostat controls are compatible with both protocols, simplifying upgrades between both systems without changing hardware. They can also be used for standalone, noncommunicating applications. These thermostat controls provide remote monitoring and programmable temperature control for common HVAC equipment in commercial buildings.



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